The Hurtigruten Foundation

At Hurtigruten, we take pride in our ability to deliver not only amazing cruise adventures, but offer these journeys in a safe and responsible way.

The Hurtigruten Foundation aims to leave a positive impact in the regions we visit through raising awareness and funds for both grassroots movements and international campaigns.

Hurtigruten is the world leader in sustainable explorer travel in the polar regions. We want to preserve the beauty and sheer wonder of these natural surroundings to ensure that our future guests have the same opportunities to enjoy meaningful travel experiences. Hurtigruten is a frontrunner in sustainable travel, working for clean oceans, participating in research projects and working collaboratively towards a global environmental solution. Sailing through some of the most beautiful places in the world, we aim to leave as gentle a footprint as possible.

We aim to be humble guardians of the places we visit for the benefit of future generations.

The Norwegian coastline, the High Arctic and Antarctica support some of the most unique cultures, ecosystems and wildlife in the world. The environment in these areas is vulnerable and for the past 120 years, we at Hurtigruten have seen firsthand the impact that human intervention has had on these regions. Today, it is more important than ever to be aware of the impact each journey we take has and we are strong advocates for sustainable travel, both at sea and ashore. We ask guests, staff, partners and Hurtigruten friends to join us in enhancing awareness of the serious threats that these polar regions face moving into the future. On board our ships, we emphasise learning and self discovery and educate guests about how to keep our oceans clean and sustainability.

“We strongly believe that informed people can make a real difference by taking new initiatives, and by sharing knowledge and experiences,” says Hurtigruten CEO, Daniel Skjeldam.

We currently support several local environmental movements such as 'Clean up Svalbard', the Association of Greenlandic Children and as well as several research centres in Antarctica. Funds raised through our on board auctions have gone towards global habitat restoration projects, such as an environmental protection project in South Georgia and a project for the protection of the albatross.

Our Hurtrigruten Foundation Ambassador

Ocean advocate, pioneer swimmer and maritime lawyer Lewis Gordon Pugh is our first Hurtigruten ambassador. In 2013 he was appointed 'Patron of the Oceans' by the United Nations and he has undertaken many challenging swims around the world including in the freezing cold waters of the North Pole and Antarctica. As a National Geographic 'Adventurer of the Year', Mr Pugh supports the Hurtigruten vision of responsible exploration so that future generations of adventurers can enjoy these breathtaking places.

Dugnad,” Mr Pugh explains, “is a unique Norwegian word which means that everyone works voluntarily towards a common goal because individuals feel it’s important and for the good of the community. This is exactly what the polar regions need, a good dugnad. I feel confident that through this foundation we will create strong results and make a real difference.”

At Hurtigruten, we want to share with you and future generations of travellers a journey with meaning. The Hurtigruten Foundation ensures that explorer travel to these unique regions of the world can continue well into the future.