Plant Your Flag

In 1911 Roald Amundsen planted the Norwegian flag at the South Pole.

Now it’s time for you to plant yours.

Planting a flag in the wilderness is a symbol of achievement. For some, climbing Mount Everest is worth planting a flag, while for others just getting through a night in a tent in the back yard might be worth celebrating. With Hurtigruten’s new Explorer fleet, you will have the chance to plant your personal flag in some of the most exciting and remote areas in the world.

Join our explorers

We have challenged some great explorers to plant their flag for a cause they really care about. See who they are and how they are preparing to plant their flag on some of the most beautiful and extreme corners of the world.

Pete McBride & Tim Kemple
Will be kayaking the melting ice rivers in Greenland.

Cecilie Skog & Aleksander Gamme
Celebrating the Norwegian outdoor life called Friluftsliv.

Johanna Davidsson
Skiing alone to the South Pole without reinforcements.

David Lindo
Spreading awareness to the extinction of species in the Amazon Rainforest.

From Antarctica to Svalbard - Prepare to Plant Your Flag!

A Hurtigruten expedition is more than just a vacation. It’s the chance to explore untouched wilderness, expand your horizons and claim a new sense of adventure

With a history dating back to 1893, Hurtigruten are experts in operating in extreme conditions. Our Expedition team have years of experience and the scientific knowledge to safely guide you through every encounter on your adventure.

Offering expedition voyages to pristine and vulnerable destinations comes with a great environmental responsibility. Hurtigruten is a global front runner and change maker in green shipping.

The Hurtigruten explorer vessels offer outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking, rib-tours, whale and sea eagle safaris, all in exceptionally beautiful environments.

The Hurtigruten vessels are specially designed for offering guests up-close nature experiences. We try to come as close as possible, as long as it’s prudent, to whales, penguins, waterfalls and many other spectacular wildlife and nature elements.

Engage in a true adventure with Hurtigruten Explorer

Plant Your Flag