Lofoten Islands

Experience the astoundingly beautiful Lofoten archipelago with hiking, cycling, horseback riding, kayaking, surfing and scuba diving on offer! Read more...

Often cited as one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Lofoten Archipelago is home to soaring mountains alongside deep fjords where sea eagles wheel through the sky and seals frolic in the sea. In old Norse the name means lynx foot for the shape of the island Vestvågøya and the archipelago is the best place to experience unique nature activities.

Although situated inside the Arctic Circle, given the Gulf Stream the archipelago enjoys a milder temperate climate. Year round, it is a fantastic place to surf, scuba dive & snorkel, kayak, rock climb & mountaineer and cycle. Unstad is famous for surfing, one of the most Northern spots in the world for the sport, while the archipelago is home to the world's largest deep water coral reef, Røst Reef, located west of Røst and a wonderful place to dive. Recent years have brought the return of whales to the area with the decline of whaling activities, while the islands have one of the largest concentrations of sea eagles in the world, as well as many cormorants, puffins and other unique birdlife. Visitors are encouraged to get up close and personal with these majestic birds of prey on a Sea Eagle Safari boat tour.

With 24 hours of sunlight during the time of the Midnight Sun, there is plenty of opportunity for mountaineering and rock climbing out of Henningsvær, with Alpine style ridges and gorgeous vistas everywhere you look.  Another popular summer past-time is kayaking between quaint fishing villages or cycling. Cycle paths stretch from Å in the south and to Fiskebøl in the north, with a dedicated cycling ferry. In the summertime, the Lofoten Insomnia Cycling Race is conducted, taking advantage of the never-ending sunlight.

Lofoten Archipelago has been a significant cultural site for well over 5 000 years, with some evidence indicating the area was settled as far back as 11 000 years ago. To experience the Viking history, a visit to the Lofotr Viking Musuem near Borg is essential, housed in a reconstructed Viking longhouse, stretching 83 metres in length.

Cod fishing was and still is, the most important industry for the area and many of the small villages are peppered with the iconic stockfish racks along their foreshores. For an authentic experience, visitors should stay in a rorbu, the old fisherman cabins that dot the waterfront in many of the towns. Svolvaer is one of the larger towns, with picturesque rickety bridges forming walkways between the streets and home to the house and museum of Gunnar Berg, the famous painter who captured the beauty of Lofoten in his works.

Bentours offers many itineraries that incorporate the Lofoten Archipelago, including on the Hurtigruten Classic Coastal Voyage. Call one of our agents today to plan your nature adventure to this stunning part of the world!