Northern Lights Promise

Hurtigutren's Northern Lights Promise guarantees that you will experience the Northern Lights in winter on a Hurtigruten voyage. Read more...

One of the most beautiful and ethereal natural phenomena in the world occurs year round over the Arctic Circle – the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Visible only in darkness, there is no better way to see nature's light show than from a Hurtigruten voyage, away from city lights.

Hurtigruten's promise to you

Winter is the perfect time to explore Norway's coast with beautiful snow covered landscapes to behold and, for many, seeing the Northern Lights is the highlight of visiting in this season.

Hurtigruten are so confident that you will experience the Northern Lights on one of their 12 day Norwegian coastal cruises that, from October to March, they offer a Northern Lights Promise: If you are unlucky enough that the Northern Lights don’t occur during your voyage, Hurtigruten will offer you the chance to try again the next winter, free of charge.

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights have mesmerised sailors and the people of the polar regions for generations. Aurora borealis occurs when solar winds are stronger than usual and so hurtle electrical charged particles away from the sun and towards the Earth's atmosphere. The amazing light displays are created upon these charged particles colliding with our atmosphere, 100km or more above the Earth's surface. The electromagnetic radiation creates undulating ribbons of light that vary in form and usually appear as green or red in the night sky.

Although today we can explain the science behind their occurrence, one can't help but feel as though there is something magical about the Northern Lights, when beholding their unearthly splendour.

Hurtigruten promises you that you will see this amazing phenomenon during one of their Norwegian 12 day cruises when you visit during the winter season (October to March). And if you don't, they'll make sure you do the next year.