For the travellers who crave an experience that is truly out of the ordinary, Greenland awaits. Read more...

A land where turquoise glaciers descend majestically into glittering fjords, meadows are bright with wildflowers and humpback and blue whales are frequent visitors to these Arctic waters.

Greenland is the perfect destination for travellers craving a little adventure and freedom to explore at will, which sets itself apart from the energetic nature of major cities. As the world’s largest island with almost 80% self-governed, Greenland offers enormous potential to get back to nature and experience breathtaking scenery while still dotted with picturesque villages, with plenty of accommodation, throughout western Greenland.

The capital of Greenland, Nuuk and the quaint town of Ilulissat are destinations like no other that have to be seen to be believed. Impossibly beautiful, these colourful seaside towns are set to a backdrop of enormous proportions – grand glaciers, sweeping mountains and iconic UNESCO World Heritage Listed fjord’s.

Greenland possesses a wealth of rare beauty with near 24-hour sunshine during the summer and the spectacular naturally occurring Aurora Borelli’s or Northern Lights illuminating the dark winter sky.  This region of the world is truly magnificent, with a variety of ever-changing scenery throughout the enormous land span appealing to even the most seasoned traveller.


  • What better way to experience Greenland than dog sledding! Take a two hour ride of a several day expedition.
  • Whale watching is a must in Greenland. With a total of 15 species to spot in the arctic waters, take a whale watching sailing trip and see them for yourself.
  • Experience a musk ox safari from Kangerlussuaq.
  • Take a long hot soak in the hot springs on the island of Uunartoq, just off the coast of Qaaqortoq.