A country of vast green forests, a mind-boggling number of crystal clear lakes and amazing natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, Finland has it all. Read more...

Country Highlights

The perfect place to reconnect with nature, this lakeland country is fast becoming a Scandinavian favourite with travellers. Boasting 187, 888 pristine lakes and a unique Lapland region complete with ski fields and Santa Claus himself, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Extending over the remote reaches of the country’s north, Finnish Lapland offers adventure and excitement throughout the year. Visitors can glide through ancient forests on traditional reindeer and dog-sleds, stay in one of many Ice, Snow and Glass Igloos on offer and admire the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) as it lights up the dark winter sky with curtains of green, and if you’re lucky, pinks and reds. Conversely, the summers are long, bringing the Midnight Sun. Visitors from Australia often remark about how similar Lapland is to the Outback (sans snow of course) – the immense space, the silence and the solitude of the land, and how it’s also home to the country’s indigenous people.

The capital Helsinki is both dynamic and stylish, flanked by fabulous art galleries and cafes, with its harbour at its heart. Its central shopping boulevard and vibrant harbour showcase the best Nordic design, food and fashion. It’s quickly becoming known for its cuisine, becoming a culinary centre in Scandinavia to rival Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Finland is commonly known for its sauna scene. In particular, bathing in the hot air then dashing outside for an icy dip in a hole in the ice – something every visitor needs to experience. This is not too different from the Finnish people themselves – once you break the ice, they’re beautifully warmhearted people.

A land of contrasts, Finland has it all. From the incredible scattering of islands in Europe’s largest archipelago, to the hilly countryside of Lapland, the landscape of Finland is a pristine paradise for nature lovers. With the Midnight Sun in the summer, and the ephemeral allure of the Aurora Borealis in the northern winter, Finland possesses a wealth of rare beauty, a truly distinctive ambience.

Finland is a paradise for nature lovers with endless activities for the adventurous, and vibrant, bustling cities to discover.


  • Experience the thrill of sledding by reindeer or friendly huskies and snowmobiling in Lapland.
  • Enjoy front row seats to the Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon that is more profound the further north you go.
  • Spend the day shopping in Helsinki, popular for its centrally located district of innovative design shops.
  • Immerse yourself in the traditions of the Sami people’s way of life.
  • Treat yourself to a Finnish sauna with over two million across the country – with a population of 5.3 million, that’s an average of one per household!
  • Visit Santa Claus’ Village where you can shop for traditional handicrafts and send a postcard home from Santa’s very own post office.