Baltic States

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Country Highlights

Comprising of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, The Baltic States display breathtaking architecture from the Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Classic eras, with cultures equally distinctive and exuberant. There is much on offer to discover, with the idyllic and pure landscape and medieval architecture setting an atmosphere that is unique to this region of the world.

Truly a unique experience, the medieval Old Town’s of the Baltic States have recently been restored and declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has been deemed one of Europe’s most captivating cities since restored to its former glory, with a strong café culture and bustling nightlife. While Lithuania displays an impressive and harmonious complex of buildings with Vilnius’ age-old meeting point, Cathedral Square, at the heart of it. Noted for its extravagant art nouveau architecture, Riga the capital of Latvia provides travellers with sparkling nightlife, splendid medieval churches and award winning museums to explore.

Journey through national parks and sandy blue-flag seaside beaches, along coasts and over lagoons, through medieval towns and rural countryside, and experience magnificent museums and palaces. Renowned for its historic towns and glorious landscapes, this enigmatic and charming country has lots to uncover.


  • Visit a suburb in Tartu called Supilinn (“souptown”) – a ghetto where all the street names are soup ingredients!
  • While in Estonia, stop for lunch at Must Puudel – a popular cafe amongst the locals combining urban vibes, cool and nostalgic details with charming service.
  • Take a stroll down Literaty Street – a tiny alley once lined with bookshops now featuring artwork dedicated to Lithuanian writers and poets.
  • Join a Latvian Food Tasting & Cooking Tour in Riga.