Discover a pristine, glittering white world teeming with wildlife and still incredibly untouched. Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands are truly like no other place on earth. Read more...

Antarctica’s abundance of wildlife and stunning landscape is simply awe-inspiring. Coupled with Falkland Islands and South Georgia, this truly unique region is on top of the list of many adventurers’ final frontiers.

The journey down to the great Southern Continent can be a treacherous one, crossing the notorious Drake Passage. Where once ships struggled to make this journey, our modern ships are equipped with stabilisers to ease the journey – nevertheless, it is still a challenge. Upon making the crossing, breathe in the fresh Antarctic air to quell your stomach and receive your ‘Drake Badge’.

Then, follow in the wake of some of history’s most daring explorers and discover the breathtaking natural scenery and ultimate adventure playground with an Antarctic Peninsula cruise. The Peninsula is the last part of the continent to thaw and then refreeze every year and so provides the perfect breeding ground for an abundance of wildlife – seals, penguins and whales.

As you cross the Antarctic Circle and approach the shores of the great white continent the air temperature decreases but the stunning scenery and unique fauna of this frozen wilderness make it all the worthwhile. Marvel at some of the highest and most spectacular glacier walls or be inspired by the Lemaire Channel that is so beautiful it has been dubbed  ‘Kodak Crack’ by photographers.

Deception Island, once home to the fur and whaling operations of the 19th and 20th centuries, is where you will find the eerie remains of a whaling station, now a playground and hiding place for fur seals. Deception Island holds yet another surprise though – dig your way down into the black sand on the beach and the island reveals its volcanic nature through rising steam and warm water.

The nearby South Georgia is the only place where you can see the majestic King Penguins. It has a unique ecosystem of about 70 different sub-Antarctic animals and bird species while the landscape is majestic, with soaring cliffs and wildlife in abundance including black-browed albatross, elephant seals, sea lions and five different species of penguin! The nearby Falkland Islands provide a rather out of place slice of an English country town with the quaint Stanley.

Antarctica is truly the world’s last great wilderness and a trip to be treasured for a lifetime. Enjoy one of our many Antarctica expeditions on a comfortable and well-equipped ship, designed specifically for polar waters.


  • Observe penguin rookeries and seal colonies as well as Orca, Humpback and Minke wales swimming in the icy waters.
  • For an unforgettable experience spend a night camping on the shores of Antarctica or take a kayak through the icy waters – just be careful not to fall in!
  • Visit Port Lockroy where an abandoned British base is now a fascinating museum.
  • Visit a working scientific research base and meet the crew who live and work there.
  • Take the Polar plunge if you dare and brave the freezing waters of the Antarctic sea!
  • Watch glaciers calving – there is nothing quite like seeing enormous chunks of crash into the sea below. And after the waves have subsided, all that remains are drifting icebergs.
  • Enjoy a relaxing Zodiac cruising among the icebergs, getting up close and personal to Antarctic wildlife – seals, penguins & whales – in the shadows of the fascinating shapes and colours of icebergs.